Staring down the next move on Crimping Christ on the Cross in Hueco Tanks. Photo © Gustavo Moser 2014
Photo © Gustavo Moser 2014

Hey! I’m Alex McIntyre, and I’m a student at the University of Arizona majoring in Journalism with a minor in Molecular & Cellular Biology. In 2003, a trip to a local climbing gym inspired a passion within me that quickly grew to dominate my existence. I began my climbing journey as a youth competition climber, which led me to become a founding member of the newly-formed Rocks & Ropes Climbing Team in 2008 as a high school freshman. I continued to be a fixture in the United States youth competition scene until I aged out in 2012. Nowadays, I primarily sport climb and boulder, though I enjoy the occasional trad route to keep things interesting. My favorite sport climbing areas are Rifle Mountain Park, the Dry Canyon and various crags on Mount Lemmon, while I predominantly boulder in Hueco Tanks and in the Superstition Mountains outside of Phoenix. Slacklining has emerged as a favorite side activity, with highlining representing an enormously peaceful balancing force in my life. Singing and screaming (badly) along to punk music joins photography and writing as a favored “creative” outlet.

I’m supported by Mad Rock Climbing and Stone Crush Gear, who I cannot thank enough, and Slackline Brothers has supported my slackline adventures by providing a great, bombproof pulley system.

I am always looking to climb with new people that share a drive to progress their abilities, and if you’re in or near Tucson I’m stoked to climb with you! Feel free to send me an email through the Contact Me page for this or any other reason and I’ll do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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